Stop letting your fear of speaking at work block you from achieving your professional goals

Nothing is more frustrating than wanting to voice your ideas at work, but you’re scared to death you won’t be understood, won’t make sense, or make an embarrassing mistake.


Whether you have just started a new job, relocated to a new country, or just want to improve your language skills – you face the same problems and stresses:

 You have difficulty expressing yourself to your colleagues
 You don’t fully understand what’s happening in meetings
 You have trouble communicating clearly with clients
 You’re fearful of making mistakes and looking foolish
 You get frustrated at not being able to show your true value

Our group language courses focus on improving conversational skills giving you more confidence to communicate clearly and effectively

For over 140 years, we’ve helped millions of people worldwide improve their language skills with our unique Berlitz Method®: a conversational approach with total immersion in the target language.


Unlike most other methods, conversation is at the centre of our lessons – it’s the natural way to learn a language meaning you will make progress fast, and...

 Feel more confident expressing your ideas to colleagues
 Be able to contribute more effectively at meetings
 Feel more comfortable collaborating with clients
 Demonstrate your true worth to your employer
 Overcome your anxiety of making mistakes

Learning a new language or brushing up on your current skills will open up exciting new possibilities

Better understanding, communication and increased self-confidence are only the beginning. Once you are contributing more effectively at work, countless new opportunities will emerge.


People who possess multi-lingual skills often have an advantage in the workplace - not to mention more exciting opportunities to work and travel worldwide:

 Improve your chances to qualify for a salary increase
 Boost your chances to secure a promotion
 Open up opportunities to work on international projects
 Impress your colleagues and clients with your new skills
 Embrace new cultures and make new international friends

You are in excellent company

We help thousands of working professionals every year to improve their conversational skills; to better understand, converse and collaborate with colleagues, clients and friends.


What did our most successful students say?

Every week we hear stories from delighted past students about their increased confidence, reduced stress levels at work and career progression.

Berlitz Student
The group had the perfect size, a group with 5 students. We were able to practice many things during the lessons while the teacher gave us all the individual attention we needed. I would definitely recommend the groups courses from Berlitz.

- Sabine Dubois; Berlitz Dutch Course
Berlitz Student
I like the Berlitz method. We spend much of the time speaking. I can really see the difference with a previous course I took, where we mainly focused on grammar. The interaction with other participants and with the teacher was very well balanced.

- Liam Janssens; Berlitz French Course
Berlitz Student
The Berlitz Business Brush Up course I follow help me gain confidence in my new job. During the lessons we play many roles and we practice real case scenarios. As a sales representative it is very important for me to feel secure and confidence when I present my company.

- Amina Alaoui; Berlitz English Course
Berlitz Student
My teacher in the group was excellent. She had a lot of patient with us and took time to correct our mistakes individually. I always struggled with the "er", and during her lessons I really learned to use it correctly. You need very good teachers to advance after you learned the basics.

- Julien Lambert; Berlitz Dutch Course

How do the group courses work?

You will be placed in a small group with people at your own language level. You do not  need to choose a course level; we will assess your language level before your course starts.

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Our instructors will assess your language level and assign you to a small group (max 9 people) at your level. You will stay in this group for 10 more lessons.

 10 lessons
 Courses run for 5 ½ weeks - 2 lessons per week
 Each lesson is 2 ¼ hours - broken into 3 x 45-min sessions
 Impress your colleagues and clients with your new skills


Small class sizes mean individual instructor attention and allow for personalised lesson content tailored to your specific situation.

 Classes will be between 3 and 9 students
 Participate in role-playing real-life scenarios specific to you
 Practise your conversational skills with your fellow students
 Materials are adaptable to your interests and learning goals


All of our instructors are qualified, experienced and native-speaking. They will keep you engaged and active; focusing on real-world scenarios.

 Patient, friendly, energetic and motivated to support you
 Professional but relaxed, warm and friendly atmosphere
 Berlitz certified with a passion for languages and culture
 Enthusiastic and eager to give you constructive feedback


We understand that between your work and social schedule, finding extra time can be tough. So you can choose from multiple lesson timesday or evening.

 Monday to Friday
 Daytime: 9:45 & 14:15
 Evening: 18:45
 Never miss a lesson - attend the same class at another time

Never worry that you will be stuck in unbearably slow, boring and dull language lessons; wasting time with tedious exercises you could do at home.

Our dedicated instructors will focus on improving your conversational skills with interactive, engaging and energetic speaking activities personalised to your situation.


You won’t be at a mismatched language level with your fellow learners. Our experienced instructors will assess your level and match you with others at your level.

 You won’t be put in a class that is too elementary for you
 You won’t waste time with lesson content you already know
 You won’t be stuck in a class that is too advanced for you
 You can practise with fellow learners at your level


The Berlitz Center is a professional, purpose-built concept school centrally located and super-easy-to-access by both car and public transport.

 Parking facilities within walking distance
 Easily accessible by tram, bus, and metro
 Professional, but fun and relaxed environment
 Comfortable, quiet, air-conditioned and pleasant classrooms


Upon successful completion of your course, you will receive a CEFR level certificate as evidence of your language learning achievement.

✓  CEFR certificate for your level - A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 or C2
Internationally recognised so it applies worldwide
Delivered in digital format so you can save it for future use
Proof of your language learning achievement for employers

A group language course is the perfect way to boost your confidence in conversation, understanding and collaborating with colleagues and clients.

Our dedicated, experienced and motivated instructors will give you all the support and encouragement you need to overcome your fear of speaking and improve your language skills.

 10 Lessons
 Guaranteed Small Class Sizes
 Focus on Conversational Skills
 Engaging, Interactive & Personalised Lesson Content
Qualified, Native-Speaking & Patient Instructors
 Flexible Lesson Schedule
All Language Levels Accepted

€ 383 € 349 Incl.VAT

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Are the courses "all in price"?

Yes, the price includes the tuition fee, registration fee and materials.

How can I pay?

We accept a variety of payment methods including: credit cards – Visa, Mastercard, and American Express; Bancontact Mister Cash, and iDeal.

When do I get charged?

You will be charged upon booking.

What happens if my group does not reach the minimum participants?

Berlitz will notify you by e-mail.
You will receive a full refund.

Will I get a Certificate?

Upon completion of the course, you will receive an internationally recognized CEFR certificate.

What if I miss a lesson because of work?

Don’t worry, you can join the same lesson scheduled at another time or on different day.

Is there a minimum number of participants?

The minimum number of students required to complete a group is 3.

What is the level of my fellow participants?

We endeavour to place students in groups at the same level of language proficiency.

Does Berlitz organize a visa for me?

Unfortunately, Berlitz does not organize a visa for students.

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